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select where bug 4.2.0


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require_once './init.php';

$where = array (
	'pid IN(57,58)',
$select = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'COUNT(*) as cnt', 'core_polls', $where );

it print:

D:\Programmi\Ampps\www\ips4\test.php:10:string 'SELECT COUNT(*) as cnt FROM `core_polls` WHERE pid IN(57,58)' (length=60)

where is poll_closed go?

Can anyone test this for 4.2.2 or lastest? @bfarber



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Your where is structured incorrectly, the second index of the array is used for binds (prepared statements), not another where clause.

See the comments on \IPS\Db::compileWhereClause():

	 * Compile WHERE clause
	 * @code
	 	// Single clause
	 	"foo IS NOT NULL"
	 	// Single clause with bound values (always bind values to ensure they are properly escaped)
	 	array( 'foo=?', 'fooValue' )
	 	array( 'foo=? OR bar=?', 'fooValue', 'barValue' )
	 	// Multiple clauses (will be joined with AND) with bound values
	 	array( array( 'foo=?, 'fooValue' ), array( 'bar=?', 'barValue' ) )


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Thanks for all, I have missed compileWhereClause instructions, therefore I have changed:

			\IPS\advpolls\Poll::$databasePrefix . \IPS\advpolls\Poll::$databaseColumnMap['container'],
					\IPS\advpolls\Category::$databasePrefix . \IPS\advpolls\Category::$databaseColumnId,

into \IPS\advpolls\Table constructor :thumbsup: (temporary fix, avoiding uncategorized polls)

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