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status should allow reactions right out of the box


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@superj707 and @Daniel F

After you react to a status post, you will have an error. I was forced to disable the entire status system due to this error.

I opened a support ticket (#986291) and got the following answer:


Hello Marius,
This is a known issue fixed in 4.2.2 which is currently in testing and due for release shortly. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meantime.
Kind Regards

I hope they will solve this problem until the next release.

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12 hours ago, Daniel F said:

Run the support tools, disable 3rd party stuff and if it then doesn't work, submit a ticket.

So two things I discovered.

  • The reactions aren't available because of the theme I am using. But I am just using a custom color version of the default theme.
  • status widget doesn't show reactions under any circumstance. This might have been an oversight when developing the reactions. Should be addressed.
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