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Accidentally deleted a user - restore?


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I know there is a way. It's a few MySQL queries to re-assign content that then says place the content against this specific member. I once deleted a long standing user and all his posts were still present. I'm not sure how exactly it's done but I know you'll have to make a new user account, and copy all the info from the old account, I used google cache (even better if you have a backup) and then you assign them to the old account via the database. Then they can change the date to when he first registered too, along with his old ID.

Sorry that I cannot help any more than that.

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3 hours ago, tekguru said:

Guys yesterday I accidentally deleted a long standing user. I have backups of the SQL database from last week, is there any way to add them back into the system?

In the previous version of Ipb, 4.1, you could not restore it with a few queries. The guest_username field does not exist in the database. I opened a ticket at the time and I was told that it might be changed in the future versions. I do not know if that was added in 4.2, have not had the time to look into it. Anyways, if the change is added, you can restore their posts/topics with a couple of sql queries. Otherwise I am afraid that the only option would be to restore your latest backup, but all the contents that were made from the time of the latest back up till now will be lost.

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