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Better Administration of IPS.Connect


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i love IPS.Connect and ran a master and connected three slaves to it... generally, everything is working fine... But you don't have much control over the masters and slaves. If you change a URL (complete or eg from http:// to https://) you will break your IPS.Connect Network.

For now, i learned i have to check the core_ipsconnect_slaves-table. You are not able to see what slaves are connected in the ACP... It would be great to see, which slaves are connected to the master and have to option to remove or change them... The data is in the database (like i mentioned: core_ipsconnect_slaves), so i think you could grab it from there. This would help customers debugging and configurating IPS.Connect and keep some supporttickets away from your Helpdesk. :) 

That said, thanks to @Mark H and @bfarber for your quick and professional help in the supportticket.

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