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Like and Post Ratio


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Leaderboard has added several possibilities to determine who is contributing to the community but I am looking for a deeper and a better way to do it so that I can reward them time to time.

There may be different suggestions but I am willing to determine a like and post ratio as;

Number of likes received x ( number of posts during a period / number of days within the period )

For example a member has received 30 likes in a week and he has posted 7 posts only which means 30 x ( 7/7 ) = 30 points

another one has got 20 likes but has posted twice the previous person means 20 x ( 14/7 ) = 40 points

I am willing to have the query statements of this calculation

  • Number of likes received within a period
  • Number of posts within a period ( forum type)

any help will be appreciated :)

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1.  You can check out Member Effectiveness by @greenside in the IPS Marketplace

2.  I don't see why this can't be done using Automation Rules by @Kevin Carwile to keep a running tally of member ratios

3.  Also, just curious, why do you use 7 as a baseline divider?  Is it because there are 7 days in a week?

A community will have hundreds of members who will post different amounts in one week.  Some will make 7 posts.  Others will make 14 posts.  Others will make 0 posts, but earn 1000 reputation because he made an amazing post right before the one week timeframe.  According to your formula, the person who made 0 posts but earned 1000 reputation will receive a ratio of 1000 x (0 / 7) = 0 points.


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Thanks @Joel R, the problem with @greenside's plugin is that it checks the total posts of a member which is not good for us cause we did not have reputation system for almost 9 years when we used SMF. So the effectiveness ratio for new users are very high when compared to old ones. That is why I am looking for a ratio for a period of time like past month, past year etc.

I count not get which you mean by 2. What can ben achieved using Rules ?

7 days was just an example. Actually I would like to do this for past month, past 3 months or past year.

I get what you mean by the last statement and it is true but that happens very rarely. Users tend to give reputation or react to posts that have recent activity so although division by zero is possible it will be very rare. That can be checked though. If there is no post for that time frame it is not taken into consideration.

The main purpose for this is to reward ( small gifts monthly and bigger ones annually) users who are regular posters and contributers where contribution is to be measured through reputations.

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