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Custom DB, Relationship Field Display


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I have created a relationship between two of my DBs.  That part is interesting and working very well after I have explored some options. I am however experiencing one issue that I hope someone can help with.

When I display the DB record in a Regional DB I am using this relationship link to display a list of books from a library DB.  In some regions I will have multiple library items.  Currently the "MULTIPLE" book are just displaying as a run-on comma delimited block, i.e.

book1, book2, book i have a very long name and this makes the display very confusing, book9, novel4, novel2.

What I would really like to do is to display these books one line per book so it is easier to read the titles, optimally in an alphabetical list if that is not too hard.  Using the display option page and the custom display button it seems possible.

Any suggestions? 

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The template that creates this list is a theme template and would affect all relationship fields. 
If you want to change only your book list, you could do that with CSS by wrapping the field output with a class and then change the CSS settings so the comma-separated elements turn into block elements that use one paragraph each. 

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