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Gallery Woes


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Good evening all,

Some members are having issues uploading certain images (Not all images cause this!) to our gallery. The image will go through the loading process, and right as the user clicks to finalize the upload, the entire site hangs and generates about 500 pages worth of text in this format:



Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Have them send you the image in question (put it into a .zip so its not in any way 'altered' by being uploaded) then try to upload it yourself to see as a test.

Is there anything you can find in common with either the accounts having this issue or the images ? For example:

> Are the members having this problem all using a certain browser ?

> Are the images that are failing all over x MB in size ?



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I can't immediately think of anything that would be browser specific as I'd half expect it to happen in Chrome possibly if it does in Opera. I don't think its a browser plugin concern either as there's too many variables with multiple users and browsers for it to be that.

Having said that, if its easily reproducible in those browsers a support ticket is the way to go now so a technician can quickly test it and determine the likely cause and a solution. :)


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