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IP.Downloads Disable file uploading and force link only subs

Danny Glover

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Hello there.

I am running a forum with limited bandwidth and do not want users (admins, anyone) to be able to upload files to the downloads module to the sites file system.

I want the "import files from url" option to be the default and only allowed option. 

Is there a setting or plugin that disables the ability to upload files from the file system and forces link only submissions?

Thank you

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Solved it.

If anyone is wondering how to do this, you need to remove the following from the downloads > submit > submitform template:

<div id='elDownloadsSubmit_uploader' class='ipsClear'>
                        {$form->elements['']['files']->html( $form )|raw}
                        <button type='button' class='ipsButton ipsButton_veryLight ipsButton_verySmall ipsHide' data-action='uploadMore'>{lang="upload_more_files"}</button>


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