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  1. Solved it. If anyone is wondering how to do this, you need to remove the following from the downloads > submit > submitform template: <div id='elDownloadsSubmit_uploader' class='ipsClear'> {$form->elements['']['files']->html( $form )|raw} <button type='button' class='ipsButton ipsButton_veryLight ipsButton_verySmall ipsHide' data-action='uploadMore'>{lang="upload_more_files"}</button> </div>
  2. Hello there. I am running a forum with limited bandwidth and do not want users (admins, anyone) to be able to upload files to the downloads module to the sites file system. I want the "import files from url" option to be the default and only allowed option. Is there a setting or plugin that disables the ability to upload files from the file system and forces link only submissions? Thank you
  3. I am faced with a difficult problem. I need to host several large files on my forums that collectively add up to hundreds of gigabytes (eventually). I can't host them on the raw file system, as I don't have the bandwidth to support the downloads. S3 is going to be too expensive also. The cheapest option is one drive for business. But it doesn't look like it's a supported file storeage option. Are there any plans to add something like this? Thank you
  4. I seem to be missing something here, or there is a big missing feature. When uploading a file, you can chose what category it belongs in. However, what if a download belongs in two categories? Do I still have to upload and maintain two instances of the same files just because you can't seem to add the same file to multiple categories? I really hope i'm overlooking something here. Thanks
  5. Unfortunately it wasn't. Ruled out all the obvious stuff. My community wasn't live yet, so it wasn't the end of the world, thankfully.
  6. Decided to nuke my forum and start over. Lessons learned: Always backup site before installing stuff Always backup site before installing stuff Always backup site before installing stuff Always backup site before installing stuff
  7. Don't have one, unfortunately. Hoping this has happened to someone else who recalls how they fixed it. I guess worst case scenario I could backup the database then re-import the forum topics and settings tables. Probably prone to error though
  8. I think this was after installing an application, see below: Now all my text fields in the admin cp and some areas of the site are now invisible, and only the file upload box remains. At least that's what it looks like. On both the default theme and my own themes. As you can see in the screenshot below, the "About this file" text field has turned into a file upload area. This happens on both the default theme and my custom theme. Aside from reinstalling IP.Board, does anyone have any suggestions on where I can revert/fix this bug? Thanks so much PS: I have all my plugins disabled.
  9. Aha! That was exactly where I accessed it before. Thank you!
  10. I got a widget that shows post count and other statistics, and cannot find out where to add it to the forum. I swear I added some default widgets to my forum the other day and now cannot find the menu at all. I'm running the latest version of IPB. Thank you
  11. Hey Joel, can you elaborate on that? When I go to add a new file to my downloads section, there is only an option to upload a file via my computer. I cannot move past that screen without uploading something. After that screen I don't see any option to link to a URL for a file either. Also, I don't see the permission setting for allowing url links for downloads anywhere in the admin cp, and i've looked everywhere. Where is it located? Thank you
  12. As you know, the IP.Downloads module supports uploading files from your computer. However, in some cases I need to link to a file on a server instead, for bandwidth reasons. Is this possible via an extension/plugin? I looked on the marketplace, but didn't find what I was looking for. Some example use cases would be: Linking to a file on Amazon S3, but allowing the user to go through the normal download flow (require login etc) Linking to file on another server, and the same as above. Thank you
  13. Hey Andy, thanks for replying. So the results: - Code is in the source - Permissions are correct for seeing the ad in the admin cp - Tested with the default theme and my own and it's the same deal. Any other ideas? My site is set to closed right now, whilst I finish getting everything ready. That's the only reason why supplying the url wouldn't be fruitful right now. Thank you
  14. I have setup adsense according to the Invision guides, but the space where my ads should be showing is blank. I am receiving impressions, I just can't see the ads. I do not have an adblocker in use. Any ideas? Thank you
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