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I dont have found a module for satisfy my stricts desires

When I was on mybb platform, I used a perfect block of statistics that I regret today
Unable to find the equivalent for ipb, that's why I come to solicit you

Here is what I have on invision power board (click for full size) : 



Here is what I had under mybb :


The positioning of "last reply,  time, messages, etc" was adjustable from left to right, from top to bottom, via the admin panel (but that does not interest me)

More compact, more ergonomic, more efficient (this is not a pub)

You will notice that it is not as complete as that of mybb
There is, moreover, only the "messages" part and I did not find better despite many searches

I am convinced that the person who could create an equivalent to the module available under mybb will be successful with buyers
In any case, I am willing to pay a developer who will agree to make this table for me

Thank you


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In 3.4 and earlier versions it used to be called 'Top x stats', @NenaDice created the last version but I believe this third party developer has left the IPS community. I have requested it a dozen or so times, with some other clients also adding their own interest however to-date no other devs have accepted the call (despite there being a fair amount of demand/requests).

@Petja or @newbie LAC may be interested.

If enough people came forward, I am sure someone would be motivated towards making it again but since most topics get between 2-3 replies and then someone else decides to request the exact same thing (overlooking the search tool) it makes it seem like there is a lot less demand for it.

Unfortunately the 3.4 version has since been removed from the site, however this lists the features. It's the same thing you seek pretty much right?


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