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Do I need all the tables that start orig_ ?


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1 hour ago, markymids said:

I've noticed since upgrading to IPS4 there's a lot of tables in my mysql database - are all the ones prefixed orig_ a backup of the 3.4 version tables? If so, can they be deleted?

If they are a backup, they can safely be deleted. Howeevr, it would be best to make a backup of them prior to deleting them, for just in case.

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They are typically the original data tables from prior to the UTF8 conversion. :)

There was a manual tool to do it on the 34x series, to quote the text from that, bear in mind this is not quite accurate as its the 3x tool but hopefully it makes sense as I wanted to explain why they are there and where they came from...


How it works

The converter will create new tables with the prefix "x_utf_". The converter will read your existing data, convert it to UTF-8 and then save it into the "x_utf_" prefixed tables.

Once the data conversion has taken place, you can test the conversion by editing your conf_global.php file to alter the sql_tbl_prefix and to make sure that the sql_charset is set to utf8. The exact instructions for this are shown when the conversion has finished.

Once you are happy that the conversion is correct, you are prompted to finish the conversion. This will rename your existing database tables with the prefix "orig_" and the UTF-8 tables will be renamed to your existing prefix. You are then prompted again to edit your conf_global.php file to alter the sql_tbl_prefix.

You can then delete the "orig_" prefixed tables when you are happy that the conversion is complete and the original unconverted data is no longer required.

You do **not** need to to the conf_global change however that is typically 34x specific if it was ran manually, the IPS4 upgrade does check and do this conversion if needed anyway. You should however if you are going to delete these orig_ tables do the following:

1. Take a database backup first! Important, please do not skip this step.

2. Just quickly view conf_global to confirm that the sql_tbl_prefix is **not** have orig_ in it, its highly unlikely it does.

3. If that's OK then you can remove those tables.


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