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How to delete topic as in move to another place


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Hello IPB boards,

I am an old user of the IPB software. In the older board software you had an option to delete a topic, but it was send to the garbage bin in the forum, instead of deleted.
Is this still in version 4.x or is this a plugin? I do not want to remove 100% topic, but save them on another location. 



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2x series had a 'trash can' forum you could set up and use to place deleted topics/posts

Early 3x retained this from what I recall

We then went to moving it to 'deleted' content in the MCP

Now we have direct deletion as such.


To answer your question, yes there is a third party plugin that will replicate the 'trashcan' from 2x. You can find it here:


It worked well during its test from what I can recall. I do recall however it did *not* save deleted posts only topics, so it is not quite 100% the functionality of the older trashcan. In other words, if you delete a topic, then yes its "saved" in the designated trash forum, however if you elect to delete a single post or such from a topic it is not saved, it does not add a trash can topic "from topic:" line, if that makes sense. :)

If you required that then it would be something to ask the author about, it may of been updated to have it now but it was approved at the time as it worked as described / intended without issue.

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Thanks @AndyF, Yes i ment that function. For own logs, i want to keep every post. :)

I will look in to the plugin and maybe make the option. 

@Fosters thanks. I will look into it. :), [edit] Sorry this is not the plugin i needed. THis will delete old content. But i want to keep my old content.

Got topics from 2005 ;)


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