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How to show specific product in a widget/bloc


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there is a plugin called php/text widget there you can put any announcemnt you want.    

when i downloaded it it showed on any category you wanted it too. by @Theme Tent UK

you can edit what you put inside directly while watching forum and clicking on the arrow on the left in the middle of the screen.  

its free and uncomplicated.   I havent tried to use html  <if> conditionals in there , ... would like to. ! 


but since you have pages and all these stuff maybe you have more options which i dont know about since i only have the core suite.  

there is also a nice slider for featuring things  

  but  it isnt free - have seen it and its great but you only can put there  an image and a link, no html. 


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you can do this 2 if u like and not use a plugin

  • Go to "ACP > Pages > Blocks > Create New Block";
  • In "Type", mark "Custom";
  • In "Content Editor", mark "Manual HTML";
  • Click on "Next";
  • Put some details and click on "Content" tab;
  • In "Content" field, add this code:
<h3 class="ipsWidget_title ipsType_reset">YOUR TITLE</h3>
<div class="ipsPad ipsWidget_inner" style="border: 0;padding: 0;">
  • Save this config and go to index;
  • Now, just click on "Manage Blocks", "Pages" and "Custom Blocks";
  • Add the block and enjoy
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