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Another great custom Pages plug-in from onlyME


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I've just installed the third great custom plug-in from @onlyME to improve the navigation of  Pages records.  This one is a "rollover preview" of the record's content, similar to the built-in rollover preview of topic contents in the forums. As shown below, my cursor is sitting on the record titled Wonder-Boy Features, where the link has changed colors, and a preview of its contents has popped up.  This plug-in is a simple installation, requiring only a change to one line of code in the default Listing template to invoke it.


I realize that my content is NOT sexy -- it is about 1500 pages of old marketing and technical information on antique lawnmowers and garden tractors -- in my Research section's database, but I think the combination of onlyME's custom work has really enhanced the whole navigation and experience, and made it more consistent with the forums.  Since my "common" Articles database for user-submitted articles uses the same Listing template, this plug-in automatically works there also.

Note that the above screen grab actually demonstrates the sum total of three custom plug-ins that I've commissioned from onlyME.  The first is the Record Thumbnail (similar to his Topic Thumbnail plug-in in the Marketplace), and the second is the the little black field visible (set by Permissions) underneath the Record Title that shows the custom field SortID for use in sorting the records and automatically paginating through them with the same IPS pagination bar used elsewhere in the suite.  I've described those two plug-ins elsewhere in the forums here..

My only motivations here -- other than showing what's possible -- is to give props to @onlyME for his excellent work, and to see if there's enough interest to persuade him to market these custom plugins in the Marketplace and provide ongoing support and enhancements.

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