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Upload/convert Word/ODT documents to articles?


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For all I know this might be a daunting task, but for those of us for whom word processors are a fact of life, it would be great to be able to upload a Word or LibreOffice document and have it converted into an article format.  I don't mind writing in the IPB article interface, but when one has already written a document it would save a lot of time to simply upload it without copy/pasting and tweaking all the formatting manually.

I'm not sure if there is a 3rd-party extension for this or not, and maybe this is one of my pie-in-the-sky wishes for the Suite, but from a writer nerd perspective it would still be very cool. :thumbsup:

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I have members with sight challenges that like to use .odt on their desktops so they can compose in a format they can deal with visually, then copy paste the doc to our forum, then they have to manually trick it to look good.

I would love to see this happen too, great suggestion!

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