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Deleting spam accounts


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Once in a while I go in and delete the spam accounts. Firstly, it would be great to be able to multi-select and delete all. 

Secondly, something which is of grave concern is that once you delete a spammer account, the member list reverts to 'all' rather than back to the spammers list. I can't imagine a good reason for this and deleted 5 accounts of genuine members before I realised it had done this. Ideally, it needs to stay on the spammers list, although this wouldn't be necessary if my first point was actioned. 

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Yes, please.

I have at nineteen pages of spammers and every time I think I'm going to sit down and just grind my way through deleting them (they are polluting/inflating my member map for one thing) I give up after deleting just a couple. Too tedious, too many clicks (as described by @abetts).

There has to be a *safe* way to bulk delete them. I suspect it could be done with a SQL query but the consequences of writing a bad query are greater than my confidence in writing a proper one.

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