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Plugin Development - Write To External MySQL DB?

Jane Lander

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I am writing a plugin for Nexus, and I want it to make changes to a DB not within the IPB ecosystem. 

I thought it would be a simple matter of just doing "$conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname);" however that ends up erroring out with a "Class 'IPS\nexus\mysqli' not found" message.

I suppose the question is, is there a way to tell the built in insert command in IPB (below) to modify another database not within the IPB ecosystem? Or is there another method of achieving the same result?

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You can always create a second \IPS\Db instance with the new connection details!
All you have to do is to use a new identifier and to pass the connection settings as second param

	 * @brief	Multiton Store
	protected static $multitons;

	 * Get instance
	 * @param	mixed	$identifier			Identifier
	 * @param	array	$connectionSettings	Connection settings (use when initiating a new connection)
	 * @return	\IPS\Db
	public static function i( $identifier=NULL, $connectionSettings=array() )



$conn = new mysqli($s

would also work, but don't forget about the namespaces! It's 

$conn = new \mysqli($s


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