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Would a change in the base URL have bad consequences?


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I recently ran into out of domain errors. Links from https://www truncated into https://(no www) and more things like that.

I tried to get help here, then from IPS self but without any luck.

After some checking of my .htaccesss file by my host the question arose if there was some site config pointing to https://(no www).
I just checked the config_global file and yep, I, when I setup the forum entered the base url without the 'www' part.


My question is, if I change the base url to include 'www' will that have any negative effect on my forum?

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It’s impossible to say without knowing your site and what you have used so far, whether there is a lot of indexed content already and how internal links were used so far. 

In general, you have registered ONE domain with IPS when your purchased the license and set it up first. That’s the address you should use in the config file and then stick with it. 

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