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Searching Custom Fields in Pages


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 I recently purchased Pages for the purpose of using as a way for members to create a database of records. The ability to add custom required fields was a huge selling point, but I was disappointed to find out that none of those fields can be searched. I'm now having to place all of these fields in the "Default Value" field of the content editor and hope that people actually fill them out and don't remove them. Basically, the custom fields feature, as powerful as it is, is useless to us if values entered into it cannot be searched for.

 It is clear that Pages is a very impressive, extremely powerful and underrated application. It is because of applications like Pages and Commerce that Invision dominates the community software market..But this is, in my opinion, a little bit of an oversight. Out of the box, the application is able to be used as a records database complete with categories and subcategories...but short of individually browsing through all these items or hoping there's a keyword in the "Content" editor section, there's no way to find what you're looking for. The filters ability is nice, but there are limitations to that too. While I'm not sure how easy allowing custom fields to be searched would be from a coding standpoint, I do think it's essential. In my search about this issue, I saw many similar product feedback threads asking for the same thing.

Is there any chance for this in a future release?


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