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4.x Pages causing Posting issues.


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I recently upgraded my site to IPS4. I've had issues, but ended up completely deleting my old site and re-installing IPS4 and updated my database. After working on the site and getting everything where I want it, test post but nothing happens.  Hitting Submit posts but nothing happens. If the user refreshes the page their post is there, but if they hit Submit again it double posts or posts however many times they hit Submit. I've gone through and disabled any and all plugins, still same behavior. I eventually started disabling applications one at a time and testing. I've narrowed my issues down to the Pages application. If I disable Pages, then users can post and the thread is immediately updated. Once I re-enable Pages then the issue is back.  I've checked logs for when pages is enabled, but not seeing any errors.  

Why would having the Pages application enabled cause posting issues?

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