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Can't load upgrade

Kenneth Baker

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I have just switched to a new host and i'm trying to upgrade from 3.4 to the latest version, i didnt get to run the board on the new host host yet

I didnt transfer my old board files and I have imported the database using webmin

The problem now is that the upgrade won't load at all ( error 500 ) however a new installation does start, i didnt went on with it

I dont know if it's related but while in all of the ipb versions i used until now I had to enter some details in the conf_global.php file, in the latest version the file is completely empty, is it supposed to be that way?


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Empty = new install is expected.

Contains items = upgrade. You really should put some information in to that file (copy the one you had from the old site, modify it to reflect paths/usernames/database names/passwords as applicable) and then upgrade.

Also....you're going to likely want to put your Public and Uploads folders from the 3.4.x site in place too, as there is content within them too.

But ideally though....I would suggest getting your site up and running on the new host first, and then upgrade (again, ideally after you've actually tested the upgrade on your new host). Having a working site, instead of parts of it, will make the upgrade process easier to troubleshoot if things go wrong. Refer to the following post:


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