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How to set an user with status of "not confirmed email"?


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I'm coming from xenforo and over it we have an system with email pipe of that get all returning emails and set users as "not confirmed email address". Then when user try to login over forum again, a popup window show for him it's needed to add new email address and confirm account and he are not able to login if don't do that.

I wants to know if there is any way to set some users with "returning delivery" emails with status of "not confirmed email address". Even if it's a manually way (not automatic with mail pipe) and if when I do it, they will stop to receive emails from the forum.

First I got banned from sparkpost (because of high tax of mail bounces), and now in another company of that do the same job, i have received an warning message of that If I still with the same tax of bounces, ill get banned son!

Thank you for help, and i hope that can be solved!

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On 9/2/2016 at 11:34 AM, Joel R said:

Mail Bouncer by @stoo2000 in Marketplace.


  • You must use Mandrill or SparkPost Email Services

My forum has 11 years old, I have users registered in 2005 and almost all of then email address is not working anymore.
I just got banned from SparkPost and to get unban they says I'll need to pay almost $300 to do an email validation (they pass website link) i dont remember address.

IPB is beautiful and you can create "main" forums in more than 1 language (if you change language, forum titles change it too). These 2 things makes me change from XenForo to IPB and when I did it, I think: "Wow, now I can create a TOPIC in so many languages I want". No, it is not, its only for forum titles.

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21 minutes ago, Apfelstrudel said:

I don't understand why this easy button isn't being implemented to the acp. :unsure: Just one acp button which says "Set back to validating". So the people are forced to edit their email address. (and I don't want to use an external mail service. Why? I don't need it.)

Set back to the validating and give an option to user change his email address when he login! (Like Xen)

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I have "commerce" app, and I buy it only to use the "support" option.

It has mail pipe, and when a user reply by email a support ticket, the support app handle this automatic to the ticket. It gets a "ticket number" inside email and just put the reply over correct ticket.

I believe it is not hard to in addiction to add this button "set back to validation", add more this option of email pipe with that PHP look inside this email if there is a word like "mail delivery" or something like "error smtp 544" and when get this message automatic set account as validating stats!

This is the way of xen do!

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