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Gallery File Types


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The list in the first picture doesnt correspond to the second picture, for example GIF is present in the second picture, but not in the first. Attachment filetypes is not the same as filetypes in Gallery. 

The second picture are the standard accepted filetypes for images in Gallery. If you select enable upload of video you'll get a list of video formats too. 

How to change accepted filetypes in Gallery...??? Shouldnt be that hard, is just a list, where can i find that list? 

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There are only 3 potential places that relate to IP.Gallery content types:

  • ACP > System > Settings - Posting > General tab > "Allowed File Extensions."  
  • ACP > Community > Gallery - Settings.  
  • ACP > Members > Members - Groups > choose the membergroup > Gallery tab.  

I actually think IP.Gallery filetypes might be hardcoded on v4.  IPS has never allowed control over IP.Gallery file types, so you should either send in a ticket or post in Product Feedback.

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