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  1. When is Invision Community expected to get out of beta and becoming released? This month still?
  2. pyro888

    4.3: Videos

    Storage is now more optimised for a specific application. If you need high IO for running applications use SSD. If you need bulk cheap storage for saving/serving photo/video files use HDD. You can install a webserver running php files from a 25GB droplet for 5$ and storag 250GB of files on a Space for 5$. https://www.digitalocean.com/pricing/
  3. Is there an API Schema already? Would be nice to use API Client Library: http://www.django-rest-framework.org/topics/api-clients/#getting-started_1
  4. pyro888

    4.3: Videos

    I assume screenshots still have to be manually uploaded separately? Very annoying manual step, and almost nobody does that. So the gallery overview just looks very ugly with a bunch of default thumbnails. External thumbnail generation would be nice, and perhaps transcoding of video files to MP4 for compatibility. http://coconut.co seems to have great API for these features. As transcoding and screenshots capture is barely offered by any web hosting company. Great feature btw. I dont agree... For my community I prefer to be independent of external video hosting companies lik
  5. Is there a schema for the REST API? I cant imaging would it would not be available... Name Media type Notes CoreJSON application/coreapi+json Supports both Schemas & Hypermedia. OpenAPI ("Swagger") application/openapi+json Schema support. JSON Hyper-Schema application/schema+json Schema support. HAL application/hal+json Hypermedia support. https://github.com/core-api/python-client https://developer.wordpress
  6. Yes, I'm looking for this feature too. I'd like to increase perPage int The number of results that will be on each page
  7. Hello, IP.Board & IP.Gallery has been traditionally not very eager to support videos because of compatibility issues with webhosters (almost none support FFMPEG). But since Invision seems to become in favor of supporting Third-party Enhancements . I would like to suggest to consider to support the HeyWatch API. HeyWatch downloads the orginal uploaded video file, converts the file to a HTML5 standardized video format, creates thumbnails and uploads everything to a specified FTP (or any of the multiple methods) target and then pings using a POST HTTP when everything is ready i
  8. Hmm, in guest mode I receive indeed a 404 error (good). Google's index is not updated yet then. The pages are cached around March this year.
  9. Why is it relevant for Google to index for example the ?do=reportComment pages???
  10. Run an URL search in all post contents? Collect youtube video ID's.
  11. I would buy if it is able to collect or index youtube links and embedded youtube videos currently posted in my community. And replace those links and embeds with a link to Videobox or a videobox embedded item. With a reference to the original post / topic so visitors can go from video to topics and vice versa.
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