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Bulk Mail so so.. bad


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Hello, i used Bulk Mail without problems on the 4.1.10 or so but IPS changed it in the last few versions so now its almost unusable.. Sending bulk mail to around 5k users is a total pain. The Sending page always timeouts and when i return to the bulk mail list i see 0 sent always. Why they broke this cool feature into something so unusable now it is.. beyond my understanding..

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Try putting the following line in your "constants.php" file:

define( 'BULK_MAILS_PER_CYCLE', 20 );

You can decrease the value "20", in case it is not working yet.  In case it works, you can try to increase the value.

(The default value is 500, I believe.  I set it to "1", as IPS was sending emails too fast, and even after setting it to "1", I had to send bulk mails in multiple batches, based on registration date.  Otherwise I would hit the limit rate for receiving emails at certain ISPs.)

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