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So you'll upload the files from the folder you have to your cPanel or file manager. 

Then go to your admin panel. yoururl.com/admin/index.php?   - Replace "yoururl.com" with your website URL, and then login to your admin panel.


Then under "System" go to "Manage Applications & Modules" and then it will redirect you. Now on the right, you'll see the application with an "Install" button. Click Install and let it do it's thing.


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25 minutes ago, Florian Prache said:

thank's to reply , so i dont have manage applications & modules :/ look my screen please 


Sans titre 1.jpg

its under System>Site Features> then do whats applicable, Applications   or Plugin  

plugin you upload the contents of the upload folder (if applicable), then in the SiteFeatures>Plugin you click on install new plugin and upload the XML file

applications, you goto SiteFeatures>Applications , then install new application, upload the entire TAR file.

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