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Unsure if this is possible.


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We purchased IP.B a couple of days ago because it is an amazing forum software.

However, I ran into something I can't figure out. When creating a forum, you can set it to where users can only see their own threads.

What I want though, is that they can still see the pinned topics but can't figure out how to get that to work.


Is there anybody that could assist me with this?



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I'm not that great with making plugins though haha, would happily pay for a plugin like that.

As well as an application format plugin that allows you to accept/decline submitted formats. Upon accepting it would give them a rank. Can't seem to find it.

Anyways, was going off-topic there a bit.

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What do you need the sticky for? You could try alternate approaches to achieve the same thing. 

For example if what you need is to display information they need to read: you could create an announcement that is only visible in that forum or you could make information you wish to inform about a part of the forum description or use the rules setting for the forum. 

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