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Looking to Hire a Tutor for Envision 4.1.x by IPBForo

Alan Robarge

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Hello. I am new to using IPS. Regarding my skill level, I'm a beginner. I purchased the Envision 4.1.x skin by IPBForo.com. I need screen share tutoring with someone who can patiently show me how to set up and customize my site. I'm looking for a good teacher. I have successfully installed everything. I have made a few edits, but am already encountering dead-ends. The ideal situation is to work with someone initially for a 2 hour tutoring session, and then continue for one session weekly for an extended period of time (perhaps 5 to 7 sessions?). If you can help, please contact me. I greatly appreciate it. My email is alan@alanrobarge.com. Also, you can learn more about me at www.alanrobarge.com. Thank you in advance.



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