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Creating custom BBCode


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Yeah, thats again not what I am after, I provide one of my users a spreadsheet which creates the code necessary to create a bbcode table, on my IPB 3 version it would work, and on xenforo I had it working, but on IPB 4, without the custom bbcode option, I can't get it to work.

I don't really want to allow him to post using html, but I guess I have very little choice right now

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The problem is he doesn't know how to do that sort of thing, he is just a user on the forums who runs a prediction league, they used to post just basic text standings, but it was messy and hard to understand, so I created a spreadsheet for him which he could update, and it would spit out the code he needed to create a bbcode table.


Which would then create a table like this for him (there are 4 tables for his prediction league)


It has promotion places, relegation places, sorts it all in order of points and that sort of stuff.

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Click the top left cell of the table in the spreadsheet, extend the selection to the bottom right of the table.


Go to site.

Paste & Post.

Note: ckeditor will not put the colour of the rows in place on the pasted content, if copied from Excel. Old 'bug that isn't a bug but is a bug...maybe' that has 2 options:

  1. Copy from Excel to Word, then copy from Word to site.
  2. Put 2 configuration options in place in the ckeditor config.js file

'Bug' details: http://ckeditor.com/forums/Support/bugCopy-MS-Officewordexcel-and-paste-CKEditor

In short: the custom bbcode option is no longer available...IPS are effectively phasing out bbcode. Just offering you options here to adjust the process that your guy follows.

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