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How to allow users to post iframes?


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I'm unable to find any documentation on this, but how can I allow forum users to embed web pages using an iframe?

Under Customization - Editor: Settings - Advanced there is a field for "Allowed iframe bases", but I can't see any button that I can add to the CKEditor to allow this.
The potiential security issues that comes with iframes is not really a concern in this case.

EDIT: Running IPB

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9 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

ACP -> Customization -> Toolbars -> Add Button -> Custom

Set the 'Use option' on (and various other fields as you wish)

Put this in the html:

<iframe src="{option}"></iframe>

Save, drag to the editor, test.

This worked-ish. The forum does however replace the URL with about:blank, even when the site I'm linking to is whitelisted.

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