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Hide a forum from the index

Hunter Lyons

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  • 2 weeks later...

what I would do also  is just  remove those categories   (make them not viewable) for all usergroups, 

(at the "groups"  setting)

except for the usergroups that you want them to see

i.e. moderators, administrators. etc. 

This way you can have moderators see only a certain sub forum,  etc, others see another

We worked our previous  forum software like this for many years, and it was very convenient, 

but I ll try what you are saying also. 

 I would be curious from other users (moderators for example if they found this or the other method better or not.    

 (the link in the navbar vs the hidden section at the end part of forum   )

I dont even know how to put a link in the navbar so I will probably go figure that out as next step :-) 


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