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Enhancements to the Reporting System

Michael Grote

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what our moderators are mssing and what they expect for the next update (or the one after):

  • If a user reports some content all moderators are informed and not only the ones that are in charge of the forum / message
  • It would be a great help to have the reported content and the text of the message in the report mail so that the mod has an idea of the severrity of the meassge without opening the forum first
  • The mod panel does not show the context of the report but only the report itself. More information at a glance would be helpful
  • There is no sign on an already reported content as ist was in 3.x
  • In addtion we are missing an overview of the assignment moderator <> forum so that any user has this information availiable

Plaese add these enhancements to your list




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