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We really need an Acp optimized for mobile!


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In july or agoust ill go in vacancy for some week and my only device is my smartphone!

just now i try to go in menu manager and... i can't!

theme? i can't!

... In realty, acp is impossible with smartphone!

exist responsive menu (for mobile) but most pages are inaccessible.

please, add an alternative template/manager for mobile ?



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1 hour ago, laltroweb.it said:

i've a lumia 625 (this reply is with this vice).

but, u can try also with desktop... reduce screen and after some size u receive an advice "no optimized for mobile".

I don't get any warning about not being optimised for mobile, and it works fine for me. Are you sure it's not a third party application that you're looking at?

Looks like it's just the menu manager.

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can be impractical, but - something - necessary.

is impractical also edit a php block inside acp, but i can.

i can't understood why i can edit php block and, instead, i can't edit menu manager, themes, toolbar.


maybe a little warning: "no optimized for mobile" (but permit to "continue"), can be a best practice...

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