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UK based IPS person who can help and want's a heli ride!

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Hi all, 

I have set up our new site with the help of IPS and my UK web guys (who are now retired) The site is looking and behaving exactly as I had imagined and I am in a very happy place :-) 

AMAZING SOFTWARE!... however..... 

I am not a software / web person and am struggling like mad to set up my Articles page which seems to require some kind of database stuff which I know nothing about. 

I have read the not very clear advice (people seem to ask about a specific thing) I just want to get its structure set up so that I can add content. 

Would it be at all possible for someone who is happy with setting this up to spend some time on the phone so I can get it set up? 

Happy to take the person who helps me for a ride in my helicopter. :-) 

Please reply and I will PM my number. 

Many thanks in advance! 

Simon W. 


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Do you have Pages? That's the first thing you'll need ^_^

When we speak about "databases" within Pages, we're not talking about separate databases on your server or anything like that. (This terminology caused me a great deal of confusion once upon a time too.) It's just a case of pointing and clicking to say "This is something called Articles, and I want it to have such and such a category". There's already a "database" called "Articles" built within Pages, so in that sense there's nothing for you to set up. If you decide you want to have categories, then you can navigate to it in the control panel, choose to edit it, and locate the relevant settings easily enough.

This guide should help make things a little clearer:


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Ahhhhhh. Thats starting to make some sense now :-) Many thanks indeed! 

What I am trying to do it to display a PDF file (rather than have it for a download) We have a member who produces articles for us, and sends them over as a PDF. 

With my new 'angle' thanks to your help, I will take another look this afternoon and I am sure this will help me to suss it. :-) 


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