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  1. This is super exciting!!! 🙂 Exactly the boost our community needs!! What would be a guess as to the release date?? I am super keen. SW. 😄
  2. Can anyone help? When attempting to l're-list' and expired advert I see this message? Me settings are as follows: Is anyone able to help me? I would like people to be able to re-list there items with a simple click. I get e-mails saying that my item has expired and to click here to renew, but the link just takes me to the item listing. (no options to re-list) Please advise? MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE Simon W.
  3. Done. :-) sorry, I realised I posted this in what seems to be a non tec type forum. please remove. SW
  4. Hi all, I have read and searched and find myself hoping that one of you can help me please :-) At the moment, when a member starts an 'open' club that person, and then any subsequent person joining the club can not see the buttons to start a new topic or upload an image? I can not find a permissions path to look into and wondered if anyone here may be able to advise as to what I am doing wrong? This was happening with the standard install, and I added the Club enhancements to see if it would help solve the issue but it has not. If the group is changed to 'public' the button comes back. Many Thanks in advance!!! :-) Simon Westmore
  5. Please advise :-) This is happening when a member attempts to re-list an item (latest version installed today) I have the settings to 'allow re-lising' at no cost. Many Thanks in advance for your help. Simon W.
  6. Nothing bad to say! It's brilliant! Many thanks for producing it. Simon W.
  7. Same please :-) A demo would be great. SW.
  8. It sounds like the payment page did not happen for this guy? I only have the same message as above, I just wondered if you were able to help if it was something simple. I will ask him to try again and specify exactly where the fail is happening. Simon W.
  9. No problems with that at all ( I hope ) Membership upgrades were purchased yesterday so unless this install has effected it in some way? Thanks for your continued help. Simon W.
  10. Hi guys, so I listed an item, which someone purchased.. This is the message I got from the buyer? Any advice please?: I set up Paypal as the payment method. -------------start------- Hi Simon. I purchased the orange Dudek windsock, but on the way to payment page there was a glitch and the page froze. Advise me what I need to do now. --------------end------------ Simon W.
  11. Hi everyone. :-) I have purchased and installed this epic little app on our site. But I am encountering a problem fairly early on. I have created the categories, and am happy with the current, packages, types, and so on... It is live on the site now. However, when I attempt to list an item, I select a category, and then I get the following pop up / message. You cannot create adverts in this catagory: missing PACKAGE INFO, TYPE, or ITEM CONDITION. ??? I know its going to be something simple and stupid that I am not seeing... but please help if you can :-) Simon W.
    Super simple, works well. :-) Many Thanks!
  12. That looks perfect! :-) Thanks very much indeed!! Simon W
  13. Hi all, I am a newbie here and my web guys are currently in the process of moving our existing PHP forum over to this amazing package! I am super excited to be able to use the AdminCP to make changes to my own site and not have to call upon the guys every time I need a small change :-) My forum, (which is currently shockingly out of date is here Paramotor Club our go live with the new site is mid March. So that's a little about me, now my question.. :-) On the PHP site we have a weather 'app' thingy.. where a registered user can select his or her location for a forecast. I have looked at the available Blocks and can not seem to find any weather related ones (which is surprising) Is there anyone here who can help me to create a block to do this? I am a pilot not a software engineer or web person so please bear with me :-) :-) Simon W
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