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So, I got myself the demo version that contains all the applications... and I saw the guide on making the pages appear in my root... but I noticed an issue. I created a custom page using the app... made it my default page so that it appears as my root... but when I was fooling around and created a release notes section like the one in the guide... the page doesn't load properly. Mainly because of this:

The domain is www.example.com... my forums is in www.example.com/forums. So the page I made default, my custom page, appears in www.example.com which is totally fine because thats how it is supposed to be done, but when I go to the release notes thingy that I created... the url is www.example.com/releases rather than www.example.com/forums/releases. If I toss in forums before the releases (forums/releases) the page works fine... but if I don't it just goes straight back to that main default page (my custom page) that I created.

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