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Those who have successfully upgraded to 4.x


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depends on your website and how large it is to be updates to ips4 

but i suggest you to use localhost and prepare everything before you update for example theme changes, menu bars, sidebars... a topic to announce the new changes and everything else prepare everything on your localhost 

so 10 minutes for website update. and another 10 minutes to copy the changes from your localhost to your actual website :ike:

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Yeah, I'm doing a local host test bed and trying to decided if I should do it on the production server or copy up from local after I finish testing. My concern about copying up is my 5-6GB Uploads folder which will take forever on my cable modem. Also typically how long do the initial background jobs run for a 500mb db? couple hours or days? 

Thank you for the quick reply.  

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Managed get mine upgraded in an evening. 

Had as already upgraded DB to UTF8

I did a number of dry runs before running on prod and had all my plugins I needed upgrade downloaded already. 

My DB is around 700mb.

400,000 + posts, 13,000 users 

went very well considering my upgrade path was e107 > IPB 3.x > 4.x and also migrated my subscription payments from ip.subscriptions > nexus > commerce. 

It's all in the planning and that will dictate your success or not. 

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