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  1. Implementation question. I use Adsense with an ad in the page header location. However when users select "Unread Content" to view new posts the header ad disappears above the thread header. No option is available for this location in the ad setup section. I suspect this behavior is because the Unread Content is dynamic, created on the fly when the users click on Unread Content. Would this work if placed only on the Unread Content page, or end up displaying multiple header ads on the home landing page for the forums?
  2. P15-D24

    Post Number

    Any update on 4.5.x ??
  3. Second the 4.5 request, this is a money maker for me!
  4. Getting a little further but still having issues. The previous error was for a write file permissions so I reset the API dir to 777 from 666. Now Im getting the following error on install: .../applications/links/api/affiliates.php", setting file permissions failed Does the entire application/links dir need to set to 777 to install the update? After the install what should the file permissions be set to?
  5. Got all the add ons/plugins matched. This time it correctly identified it was an update, not a new install. However I got a new error? There was an error installing the resource, please submit a support ticket for further assistance. Is that your error or IPS error? Edit: Never mind I'm getting it on multiple apps, I'll put a IPS ticket in.
  6. Just did my 4.5 update. I did a couple more cache refreshes and the prompt for the Marketplace Setup just showed up. I'll set it up and give it another try.
  7. I get: An application is already installed that uses the same Application Key, this application cannot be installed unless the other is removed
  8. I tried but It doesn't provide access a file for download. I just looked at Manage Your Purchases and Renew Now button is active, but it shows it expires 9/3/21. Or is that the time frame for after the renewal?
  9. How do I download an update for IPS 4.5 ?
    Great plugin, just works. I guess AdSense is cracking down on ads displaying on non content pages. Been using Adsense for 4-5 years then suddenly get a warning.
  10. Anybody have an explanation as to why this occurs and how to fix? You get when trying to install an application via ACP and I'm pretty sure it a privs issue. I'm getting it with member map but when searching I see it appearing in many different applications out of the marketplace. The exact error is 1C133/9 The application you uploaded cannot be installed because it is not a valid application, the archive is corrupt or the file and directory permissions in /applications do not allow it. System log shows Extraction from phar "/tmp/phpca3rIv.tar" failed: Cannot extract "Application.php" to "/usr/home/public_html/forum/applications/membermap/Application.php", setting file permissions failed. But if you set the home dir (In this case membermap) to 777 and re-run, you still get the error. IPS support say talk to the app dev support, app dev says talk to IPS support. Because it shows up on may different apps their has to be a common issue that is screwing up the privs or ownership. I'm now at the point of moving the membermap folder so I can fresh install and hopefully not clobber my existing membermap data. Any ideas or solutions?
  11. Would like to start one with popular topics for the previous week emailed to registered users. Does IPS 4.x provide or can anyone recommend a 3rd party solution? Would like to include topic, link back in the email and made a couple lines from the first post in the thread.
  12. P15-D24

    Member Map

    What privs should be set for the files in /applications/membermap, 755 or 777?
  13. P15-D24

    Member Map

    Bit more info as I have been working with IPS support. They wanted me install a brand new application from a .tar file to test the IPS stuff. I tried it this morning (sticky notes app) and the install had no issues and is functional. IPS feels this indicates something is going on specifically with the membermap install that is causing the issue. IPS support also indicated you should contact them if you think it is something specifically in the IPS product that is causing the install issue. For now, until we get the install issue resolved, I have turned off easycron instead using activity based option for the system tasks. I agree, if we can get a successful update install the easycron issue is probably resolved. Whats the best way to get you the credentials, PM?
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