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idm_screenshots files not showing


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Hello ! ^_^

My idm_screenshots directory is located at the same level than public_html. I mean that if I look inside the user directory, I have :




public_html (which contains all my board's files, except downloads and screenshots files)


and other directories.


The problem I have is that the screenshots I publish don't appear in my downloads section. When I select the screenshot image and upload it to the server, I only see a white square... 

Capture d’écran 2016-04-16 à 20.49.29.png

Everything is ok with the files which have been published before my upgrade from 3.4.8 to version 4. The problem is only occurring with newly sent files (but after my board upgrade I had the same problem with old files).

For instance, I've had a look inside the monthly_2016_04 directory and found the following files exist :




The screenshot's url is like this : 


It seems like it should work...

What can be the reason why newly posted screenshots don't appear ? 

Thank you ! ^_^

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