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Super fast forum and very low cpu consumption - Explained

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Hi ^_^

Many users asking to get super fast performance for IPB forums and very low (cpu) server load...

I want to explain a few things in general and without technical stuff bellow so members will not get confused on how it works and how they must think of it.

Imagine that you have a video file to convert on you pc (4 cpu cores).

If you use 1 core the load will be low but the task will not be fast.

If you use 4 cores the load will be high but the task will finish very fast.

You can't have them both as on the first scenario it will be slow and for the second scenario it will not be stable and no resources will left for the system or any other software that may need them ^_^

So none of them are ok and in general this is how the load must be handled on servers.

If you are asking to have very fast load without using cpu is not possible but using the power that it needs to load fast according to the resources that you have is the best option.

On most of my clients the cpu load after optimizing the server is lower and the performance is better (due to bad configuration) and from there the confusing comes and all of them start asking for the same thing but this is not the case for all as many clients have already optimize very well the server but they want only to keep the cpu low like on a server with 32 cores they use only 2 cores and have disable many cache functions that will really help the performance.

The balance is the best way to go.

So if you have the resources go for it don't be afraid ^_^

Have a nice day IPB members and enjoy !

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