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How do I get payouts working?


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How do I set this up on the IPS side? I have paypal setup already. I just have no idea what to actually do to make is so my users can get payout. So far they can pay me using PayPal which has been nice, but I would like to take this to the next level. 

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HOW AND WHY IS this MARKED ANSWERED??????????????????????????????????

while I appreciate the kind help offered, Its upsetting to me that this was marked ANSWERED!!!

The question I asked was not actually answered and in fact I still have no idea what to do, nor any idea how to get it working.

I didn't ask for help on the paypal website (other than if I need paypal business, which was not answered).. 

I asked for help with IPS ACP.

I am losing faith in this question answer system if things are going to be marked answered just because someone replies.

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