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Calling for Brainstorm session -Mobile app without ads

Saurabh Jain

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problem : I want to have a mobile app for my website 
Simple solution is : I can have a app and call the url in the app webview and it works fine and solves the issue... It works well as it has a responsive design

Issue is : As per terms of condition from Google Adsense : One cannot show adsense in mobile app 
Adsense are allowed in Desktop browsers and in mobile browsers such as chrome

Adsense are Not allowed in app




I want to detect if the url been called is from app (Android and IOS)
Then it should not show ads 
else it should show ads.....


one solution or tip http://stackoverflow...how-adsense-ads
another discussion https://wordpress.or...-mobile-browser



what I was thinking
Can we run two instances of same website / community say with two different ul


one the current one for desktop and mobile users with advertisement system
and the other url for which no one knows but it opened via mobile app web view


2nd solution Can we detect a session with some url parameters and for that entire session the ads are not shown in the app


Requesting brain storming session.. it is much needed for every one....who want to make mobile app


Note Just CSS will not help



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3 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:


The current stock theme will allow Google Adsense because it's not a mobile app. Personally, the whole idea of mobile apps for mobile devices is behind the times. I love the new responsive theme it works fine with Google Adsense. 

To show a presence on google play - one has to have an app

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10 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

To add to that - once you've got the code working to recognise you are in a webview, it shouldn't be much more difficult to wrap the ad stuff in an if statement.

CAN WE run this code directly in advertisemnet

if($_SERVER['HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH'] == "com.company.app") { echo 'Android (in-app)'; }

for my case

== "appinventor.ai_talk2urfrd.Mechanical_Engineering_Forum"

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Most likely not, considering it's HTML only that you enter in the ad stuff....which is why I said "wrap the ad stuff in an if statement"

Take a peek around the theme....look where the 'ad stuff' gets added, and whack in a test. You might want to consider contacting one of the theme developers for assistance, to see if it is possible.

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13 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Goofy question? Why does you app have to be a browser for the site? Why can't it be another app?

Content has to be similar whether it is website or app...

imagine amazon store .. same products and offers to be same on shown .. same login passwords ........


If I have a community my content on the app will come form the same  sql data.........and IPS website has a responsive theme.... no worry of creating sessions... 

but if it easy to create an app  so far even IPS not able to do the same........

I will certainly like to have best and easy solution





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Still what I asking why does it have to be browser app? How about some other app like calculator app? Something other than a browser app then you won't have to worry about the entire Adsense issue. Still have a presence in Google Play without have a App displaying Google Adsense. Like if I was going to do something likee this I wold create an app for say calculating fuel mileage and brand it for the site. Just looking at things from another angle.

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