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IPB decline to upgrade damaged site


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Hi, I run a boating forum in my spare time and have been using IPB software for the last 10 to 15 years.

I was recently away on active military service (my real job) and unfortunately, while I was away and obviously "otherwise engaged, my site was hacked and crashed.

I'm not very technical (web dev wise) - most of my experience in this area is with WP. However I did try re uploading the core IPB files via FTP but to no avail. My hosting company assure me that the data base is fine and suggested that a full IPB upgrade by IPB should see things right again. All my licences are current / active. Are there any freelancers here who would take a look for me? Delighted to pay for your time.


Kind regards,



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Sorry to hear your having a bad run with support, they have been very unhelpful and frankly rude as of late, if you still need some help i can have a look for you, ive had pretty much every type of problem in the years of using IPB so know how to fix most simple stuff.

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