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    Good plugin, also quick to help with the issues I had.
  1. What an amazing application, the fact it's free is amazing, one issue i am having though is the ip addresses are not showing correctly, they are showing the ip addresses associated with the account not the ip addresses of the people trying to hack the accounts.
    Works like a charm as usual.
  2. I wasn't able to get this working, this is my postcontainer code.
  3. Ive updated to the latest version and i am still having the problem with the icon showing above all of the other information, i would like it to always be at the bottom.
  4. Sorry i didn't mean to sound so negative, i appreciate the work you put into designing new plugins/applications, thanks for looking into this.
  5. Been having major issues with the application, things have not been working properly since i first bought, my members keep getting random errors with this, also people are able to see the option in moderator tools even though the hook is disabled for their groups, clicking it will result int he forums crashing. People are getting errors that they can't view the topic even though they have permission to do so.
  6. Hi, I feel the marketplace needs a freshen up, a few of the issues i have with it are. The 'Highest Rated' section of the front page only shows products for the older versions of IPB, personally this annoys me as i would like to be able to see what the most used products are for the newest version of the software. The 'Most Downloaded' section of the front page also falls under the same problem as the previous point. The categories are very hard to understand and i believe they should be renamed to help newer people to the software find new plugins and applications, the layout the older categories used were so much easier to understand. Is there a way to add free applications and plugins to the manage purchases tab so we can see what applications we have/had on our boards in the worst case our forums are deleted. I would like for applications and plugins that have been downloaded/purchased to be highlighted when searching through the marketplace. These are just a few suggestions i can think of that would greatly improve my experience while looking through the marketplace. Thanks
  7. Any chance we can get the layout made a bit more organized, i have a large community and having to go through 100s of pages just isn't affective, maybe a list view? Thanks
  8. Any chance we can get the layout made a bit more organized, i have a large community and having to go through 100s of pages just isn't affective, maybe a list view? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply @Mike John, If you wouldn't mind giving me the edit that would be great, i am currently implementing this system into a way of tracking guild mates activity over the months.
  10. How do i change the 100+ and 200+ buttons to just single points?
  11. Hey, Recently i have been having alot of issues with the IPB software, updates have broken my forums every update for the past 5 updates and obviously when these things go wrong i look to turn to the company that produces the software the company i pay a subscription for support. I used to get responses within an hour of posting my ticket and the response would feel like they really wanted to help me, i can't say this is the case now, tickets i have been submitting recently have a very rushed non helpful feel to them, they have been short sentences not even relevant to my question and always trying to direct me in the wrong direction to get things fixed, there seems to be no hands on help anymore and as someone not very computer savvy this comes as a massive disappointment to me. The strange thing about this is i see people every now and then praising the support for helping them do things i have been refused help with in the past, i am not sure if my account has some black mark on it or if i am just unlucky with my pick of support representatives but i am not happy with the level of support i receive and i feel if i don't voice this opinion then nothing will change. Thanks.
  12. This is happening to mobile users on our forums.
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