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  1. To update a plugin, just upload the updated zip file as if you were installing it for the first time in the ACP or....
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file and upload via FTP to the corresponding plugin folder in applications\core\interface\ckeditor\ckeditor\plugins

As for that plugin - works fine. Installed Table/Table Tools/Table Resize and works as expected.

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IE/Firefox/Chrome/Waterfox all on Windows.

Post a link to your forum, with test login credentials.

2 minutes ago, NoGi said:

Hnmmm mine kept saying it's already installed but I was sure I had an older version. I'll have another look.

If you do have an older version of an update plugin then report that as a bug - I've updated that way previously, but quite a few versions ago.

You have the FTP option available, as mentioned.

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Looking at this further - it isn't actually working at all. I confused the functionality it provides with the main table resizing itself - the column resize with the mouse (ie hover the mouse over the border of a column until you see col_resize_cursor.png ) doesn't appear to work at all.

I'll see what I can dig up.

The pointers to resize the table don't appear in Chrome either - they do appear in other browsers. The options to resize the table/cells is still available as per @InsideEdge 's comment - press Ctrl then right click on the table to bring up the advances properties provided by Table Tools.

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5 minutes ago, InsideEdge said:

@Nathan Explosion

Do you know of a way to post a link from an image using the CKEditor?

Answered this elsewhere previously - double click the image and you will see a link URL field....populate that field with your link.

1 hour ago, Nathan Explosion said:

The pointers to resize the table don't appear in Chrome either - they do appear in other browsers.

Confirmed this issue on a non-IPS instance of ckeditor - chrome doesn't display the pointers.

Found an old bug from 5 years ago which sheds a little light on it:


Still looking in to the issue with the column resizing.

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No, you can't uninstall a plugin at present. Do not delete the files, as you will trigger a javascript error and the editor will fail to load - the plugin will be referenced in the configuration and a failure to find the files will cause the editor load to fail.

There is no issue with leaving it live - it just doesn't work....no other side effects.

if you do want to get rid of it, then reset and reload.

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3 hours ago, InsideEdge said:

I tried upgrading the Tabletools plugin to a newer version, and I got an error that the plugin all ready exists.

Is this still a bug?  Anyone else successfully upgrade a toobar button?

Simply upload the new version via FTP to the relevant plugin folder:


Or follow the instructions I already posted above:

If you believe it to be a bug then log it as a bug.

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