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Recount and rebuild

Kjell Iver Johansen

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I have this user who signed in through facebook. On Facebook he had this stupid naked picture of himselve as profileimage. 

Now - he changed his username and removed the picture from facebook and from everywhere on the net. Still - when people search for his name - first thing they see is this naked picture with a link to my forum as the first hit on google.

So - it seems - allthough he has changed his profilepicture and name - his name is still in the quotes all around my forum. How do we recount that in 4.1?

Thanks KI

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There is a general "Rebuild search index" option in the administration control panel under "System" --> "Content Discovery" --> "Search" which can rebuild all entries for the search system. Furthermore, you can use the "Support" option in the ACP and use "Something isn't working correctly" to re-create the cache. This would maybe help.

If not, please consider contacting the IPS support (can be done within the Support page in the administration control panel, too).

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8 minutes ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

Now I would have to delete all posts from this user - kind of waste of content.

Maybe you just hide them and write a conversation to the user and give him the information that he can re-sync his profile picture on the facebook 3rd party login page in the account settings?

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2 minutes ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

I know - in 3.4 that was possible to do. Anyway - I'll look and search and replace somehow.

1. take a backup of your db

2. run following queries

UPDATE forums_posts SET post=REPLACE(post,'data-ipsquote-username="xxx"','data-ipsquote-username="newname"');
UPDATE forums_posts SET post=REPLACE(post,'ago, xxx said:','ago, newname said:');


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