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Replying to approved posts.


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I don't believe this is a bug as such so thought I'd throw it in here.

If you have a board that requires posts to be approved, if the topic is on page 1, you approve the post then reply straight away, after clicking submit you will get the no posts to show error message.

Whilst it's only a minor annoyance if you can hit back, copy the post and then refresh the page to then reply, other times it's a major annoyance as the post is not there if the page reloads which happens a fair amount on mobile.

Automatically refresh the topic when clicking approve would solve this, if at all possible you lovely lovely developers.

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Just now, Nathan Explosion said:

What exactly are your reproduction steps? Just tried what appears to be what you are describing and works fine.

I've got one board where topics/replies have to be approved.

If a member replies to a topic, I open the post by clicking either the warning sign or through notifications

Click approve

Open the editor and reply

Hit submit and a error shows saying no new posts.

But if I click approve, refresh the page then reply it goes through fine.

I do have Ajax pagination off, not sure if this effects it at all?

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