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Possible to eliminate 'extra' part of FURL when copying cat?


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Let's say I have 10 things each with 10 sub categories that repeat.

Soccer Clubs by Province

Hockey Clubs by Province

I create Provinces with all ten.

When using the copy feature for Provinces, how can I eliminate the extra part of the FURL in the subcategory?   I rename so they are unique

Alberta gets renamed to Alberta Soccer Clubs

For example

This is a record created directly in Provinces, a nice FURL



Copy the Provinces Categories and move them under Soccer, change the name and FURL, however you get this




The extra /provinces_33_33/  is there.

I get it needs a unique identifier when it is copied, but if I rename it so it's unique is it possible to get rid of this, or should I just enter all (hundreds) manually?




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