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we just upgraded our community form IP.Board 3.x to IPS 4.

We are creating our homepage and I've got a questions to the sidebar block. We managed to put our content there (see attached screenshot) but we want to appear as the built-in blocks with a header and use the standard font and font color for sidebar block content. As we use two languages (english and german) it would be cool to show the header in the selected language.


What do we need to add to our custom blocks?

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You might want to create a Pages block then instead. This gives you more freedom (e.g. usergroup permission settings) and a reusable block. 

For a header bar you would have to switch to HTML mode and add it manually:

<h3 class="ipsWidget_title ipsType_reset">
	Your Headline


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The blocks aren't friendly for multilingual sites because you can only enter content in one language. Even with the feeds (which use the necessary language strings) you have to enter a title, and only one language can be used for it, so your German feed has an English title.

I recommend buying Marcher's Translatable WYSIWYG Widget. It's what I use on my site. I think it's essential for those of us who use more than one language.

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