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Facebook full app Approval


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I can't get any approval for Facebook about publish_actions & user_status ..

The IPS manual added here is outdated & not same as it should be .. I did all the necessary to show them (Facebook) what is needed .. I've made 2 screencast (video) & screengrabs but nothing that matters to Facebook ..


I've reported a IPS bug before ..

And probably Facebook are testing it .. and it will not work .. (maybe)




Anyway, can someone explain why publish_actions & user_status are needed (I know the basics of it)? And how to convince that person in his/her cubical at Facebook that we need it?

I've showed them 2 times to enable status updates first, they ignored it the first time, saw it in their test account settings on my site afterwards .. and for the second time they not even bothered to log in (checked their last visit) ..

So .. what to do next?









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11 hours ago, Morrigan said:

Which guide are you using?

This one worked for me:






Between points 4-5-6 is a lot more to it then just this vague description/info .. if it is for everyone the same, why not give a more accurate info then just telling people "provide a description .. " .. second issue .. 4 screenshots is not enough .. it is required to make a screencast also and other radio buttons (settings) to click .. and I certainly didn't understand any of where user_status or publish_actions are used to communicate with Facebook in the background (share buttons? login? so no, it was not there) .. There is also nothing about to switch on "enable status updates" first in "edit profile" .. etc ..



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Facebook is still denying me to use " publish_actions " ..

I need advice to deal with this Facebook stupidity .. it's going on for 2 weeks now .. back and forth on Facebook direct support ..

Can someone explain to me why I need this " publish_actions " & how they get it approved ?


These pictures .. are they correct ?







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21 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

I'm working on your ticket ;) !


Thanks Daniel, but this is another issue .. this is about a " Facebook approval " on publish_actions .. my ticket is about a not working user_status (import from Facebook) ..

If you can do a followup afterwards for publish_actions here that would be great ..

Thanks  :)



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25 minutes ago, Wezley said:

Any word on your ticket yet?

Would you be willing to share what your ticket was about?

Disappointed I can't get FB login to work, it's by far the best one.


I've received my second reply yesterday evening (GMT+1)  ..

In short: Facebook Statuses (import & export) will be totally reviewed & reprogrammed ..

Facebook made an update and so everything became outdated, with the result that things don't work ..

Facebook login & profile sync works (that's the only thing) ..

Don't request any review on Facebook to activate user_status & publish_actions ..

They can't give a timeframe on the fix, but it stays high priority ..

There is also a way to hide the export status functions for now, but I didn't try it yet ..



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